Fast and Furious Feel-Good Pill? Nano Water Soluble CBD in Avon Connecticut

by | Jan 8, 2024 | CBD Gummies | 0 comments

Millions of people now understand the lists of real-world health benefits associated with CBD dosing. Across the board, hungry converts and seasoned enthusiasts confess that they long for improved, more complete absorption and faster activation times. What’s the solution for experienced and new fans?

The solution is nano water soluble CBD. What exactly is it, and how does it work?

What is Water Soluble CBD?

As its name suggests, water soluble CBD is CBD that can ‘dissolve’ in water. Nearly all CBD products contain active cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds suspended in a fat soluble (oily) medium. Fat soluble products must undergo processing in the liver before becoming available to your body for use.

Water soluble CBD bypasses this process, expediting a more full ‘high’ that hits more quickly and lasts longer. How do makers get oily-based cannabinoids to ‘dissolve’ in water?

How do You Make Water Soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD represents a form of nanotechnology, hence this particular product’s name. During processing, CBD particles introduced to nanotechnology get dramatically reduced in size. Reduction in particle size improves absorption and overall bioavailability.

‘Bioavailability’ indicates how readily and more completely ‘available’ a compound or substance is to your body. Compounds with high bioavailability absorb into your body quickly and almost completely, getting put to use right away. Nanotechnology enhances bioavailability, entailing smaller particles that pass more easily into the bloodstream and to receptors throughout your body.

Since broad-spectrum CBD is legal, nano water soluble CBD is available over the counter. Non-psychoactive, CBD is safe for convenient microdosing throughout the day.