Looking for the Best Water Pipe and Smoking Experience in California?

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Cannabis | 0 comments

California’s marijuana trade has just exploded since this state first legalized both recreational and medical use. Along with actual plant products and derivatives, the industry has created an evolution revolution in ways to enjoy a marijuana smoke. Portable water pipes are just one of dozens of products that have been reinvented again and again for consumers to get their smoke on.

The Big Deal Behind Water Pipes

Water pipes help steam the flower and create a vapor that is easier to inhale than smoke. For people that don’t typically smoke the flower and leaves outright, a water pipe is ideal. Portable water pipes are not bongs, but up until recently, it was difficult to disguise odors and vapors from either smoking device.

A Water Pipe That Controls Odors

Marijuana has a very distinct odor. Despite the fact that it is legal in California, you still would rather not announce it to everyone within smelling distance what you have been doing. For that reason, a reinvented portable water pipe that looks exactly like a water thermos has been selling out. It completely absorbs the odors and prevents the odors from escaping. You can smoke in public, but it looks like you are drinking from a thermos! They come in multiple solid colors to suit every personality and color preference.

Purchasing one is simple. You simply go online and make your selection to check out. Otherwise you can check with your local marijuana dispensary to see if they carry these water pipes.