Which Quality Strains Can You Find at San Francisco Dispensaries Today?

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Cannabis | 0 comments

San Francisco dispensaries are known to offer some of the best cannabis products in the recreational market of California. The city has a strong community base with a high number of cannabis enthusiasts who believe in the plant’s potential and actively participate in spreading its importance. Moreover, San Francisco’s proximity to the Green Triangle of cannabis cultivation in the Golden State makes it easier for you to have easy access to top-shelf strains.

With the element of competition becoming stronger in the recreational market, growers have been stepping up their cultivation game in recent years. This is good news for anyone who shops at the most reputable San Francisco dispensaries, which greatly lean on their menu of quality flower offerings. With this in mind, let’s look at high-quality strains that are trending now:

Master Kush Heirbloom is a legacy indica with a 25% THC content that has become very popular among smokers who appreciate the aesthetics of Mother Nature. This strain is gorgeous; the buds are shaped like Christmas trees, and the trichomes on the flower ends look like ornaments. As for the aroma and flavor, it has some piney tones with a bit of a spicy kick upon inhalation.

If you prefer a more refreshing sativa, Tropical Lemonade is a new classic that packs a punch with 33% THC. As its name suggests, the terpenes are reminiscent of citrus fruits, and the smoke is slightly sweet. The effect of this strain is energetic and happy in the beginning with a calming follow through.